Lip piercing – What are the good looking accessories?

Lip piercing have long been a popular choice for those seeking to express their individuality and enhance their facial aesthetics. When it comes to lip piercings, choosing the right jewelry is crucial for both comfort and style. Whether you have a labret, Monroe, or Medusa piercing, there are various jewelry options available. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different types of lip piercings and discuss suitable jewelry choices for each one. By understanding the options, materials, and styles, you can find the perfect jewelry to showcase your lip piercing.

Lip piercing

Labret Piercing:

Labret piercings are one of the most common lip piercings, typically placed just below the center of the bottom lip. Suitable jewelry options for a labret piercing include:

  • Labret Studs: These consist of a straight post and a flat disc on one end, which sits inside the mouth, while the other end features a decorative top design visible on the outside of the lip. Labret studs come in various materials, including bioplast, stainless steel, titanium, or gold.
  • Captive Bead Rings (CBRs): CBRs consist of a hoop made from various materials with a captive bead that fits inside the hoop. They can be inserted into a labret piercing and give a stylish edge to the lip.
  • Circular Barbells: Circular barbells feature a curved bar with threaded ends that can accommodate various decorative beads or spheres. They are commonly used for ear and facial piercings, including labret piercings, and can add a unique look to the lips.

Monroe Piercing:

Monroe piercings are placed on the upper lip, imitating the beauty mark famously associated with Marilyn Monroe. Suitable jewelry options for a Monroe piercing include:

  • Labret Studs: Labret studs, similar to those used for labret piercings, are also commonly used for Monroe piercings. The decorative top sits on the outside of the lip, while the flat disc rests inside the mouth.
  • Flat Backs: Flat backs are similar to labret studs, but they have a flat disc on both sides. The flat back sits inside the mouth, while the decorative top adds a stylish element on the outside of the lip.
  • Magnetic Studs: Magnetic studs are an alternative option for Monroe piercings. They use a small magnet on the outside of the lip and a thin metal disc inside the mouth to hold the jewelry in place. Magnetic studs provide the appearance of a piercing without an actual piercing hole.

Lip piercing

Medusa Piercing:

The Medusa piercing is located in the philtrum, just above the center of the top lip. Suitable jewelry options for a Medusa piercing include:

  • Labret Studs: Labret studs are the most commonly used jewelry for Medusa piercings. They consist of a straight post with a flat disc on one end and a decorative top on the other. Choose from various gemstone, metal, or design options to personalize your Medusa piercing.
  • Flat Backs: Flat backs, similar to those used for a Monroe piercing, work well for Medusa piercings. They feature a flat disc on each end, with a decorative top visible on the outside of the lip.
  • Threaded Ends: Threaded ends can be attached to a labret stud or barbell to add some creativity and individuality to your Medusa piercing. These ends come in various shapes, designs, and materials to suit your style preferences.

Snake Bites Piercing:

Snake bites piercings refer to a pair of piercings on either side of the lower lip. Suitable jewelry options for snake bites piercing include:

  • Labret Studs: Labret studs are a common choice for snake bites piercings. You can opt for matching studs on both sides, or mix and match with different colors or designs for each piercing.
  • Circular Barbells: Circular barbells can also be used for snake bites piercings. They add a unique look to the lower lip and, similar to labret studs, can be personalized with different decorative beads or spheres.
  • D-shaped Rings: D-shaped rings feature a straight bar with a flat D-shaped end on one side and a threaded end on the other. They create a unique and eye-catching appearance for snake bites piercings.

How to match lip piercing jewelry

Lip piercings have become a popular trend in the world of body modification, allowing individuals to express their personal style and enhance their overall look. When it comes to lip piercing jewelry, proper styling can make a significant difference in your appearance.

Lip piercing

Consider the Lip Piercing Type:

Different lip piercing types require different jewelry styles. Consider the following tips when styling your lip piercing jewelry based on the specific piercing type:

  • Labret Piercing: For a labret piercing, stud-style jewelry is the most common choice. It features a decorative top that sits on the outside of the lip, while the flat disc or base rests inside the mouth.
  • Monroe Piercing: Monroe piercings are typically adorned with labret studs or flat back jewelry, giving the illusion of a beauty mark. These studs are designed with decorative tops visible on the outside of the lip.

Mix and Match Jewelry Styles:

Experimenting with different jewelry styles can add versatility and individuality to your lip piercing. Try mixing and matching various pieces to create unique combinations. Consider these ideas:

  • Stud and Hoop Combination: As a statement-making option, pair a labret stud with a hoop or a captive bead ring. This combination adds an element of edge and visual interest to your lip piercing.
  • Different Metals and Materials: Explore different metals, colors, and materials to create a stylish contrast with your lip piercing. Mix gold, stainless steel, titanium, or colorful options to suit your taste and skin tone.
  • Size and Length Variation: Vary the size and length of your lip piercing jewelry to create dimension and balance. For example, wear a larger stud on one side and a smaller one on the other for a trendy asymmetrical look.

Lip piercing

Complement Your Facial Features:

Consider your facial features when styling your lip piercing jewelry. Certain jewelry choices can accentuate your unique features and create a harmonious look. Keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Face Shape: Choose jewelry that flatters your face shape. For example, circular barbells or D-shaped rings can soften square or angular face shapes, while elongated studs can complement round faces.
  • Color and Skin Tone: Consider the impact of jewelry color and its interaction with your skin tone. Experiment with bold or subtle colors to find the perfect match that enhances your complexion.
  • Lip Shape and Size: Pay attention to the shape and size of your lips when selecting jewelry. Larger lips can accommodate larger or more intricate designs, while smaller lips may benefit from smaller or more delicate pieces.


Choosing the right jewelry for your lip piercing is essential for both comfort and personal style. Whether you have a labret, Monroe, Medusa, or snake bites piercing, there are numerous options available to suit your preferences. From labret studs and captive bead rings to circular barbells and D-shaped rings, the world of lip piercing jewelry offers a variety of materials, designs, and styles to choose from. Consider your personal style, desired level of comfort, and the specific requirements of your lip piercing when selecting your jewelry. By finding the perfect jewelry, you can showcase your lip piercing with confidence and express your individuality.