How to make a necklace with a stone?

How to make a necklace with a stone? Designing and making your own stone necklace allows you to create a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece that reflects your personal style. Whether you have a favorite stone or want to showcase a precious gem, making a stone necklace is a creative and fulfilling project. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how to make a stone necklace, including selecting the stone, choosing the right materials, designing the necklace, and assembling the final piece. Let’s dive into the world of jewelry crafting and discover how to create a beautiful stone necklace.

necklace with a stone

Selecting the Stone:

The first step in making a stone necklaces is choosing the right stone. Consider the following factors:

  • Stone type: Decide on the type of stone you want to incorporate into your necklaces. This can include semi-precious gemstones, crystals, or unique stones found in nature.
  • Stone size and shape: Consider the size and shape of the stone. You can choose a small, delicate stone for a dainty necklaces or a larger stone for a statement piece.
  • Stone setting: Determine how you want the stone to be set in the pearl necklace. Options include wire wrapping, bezel setting, or using a pendant bail to attach the stone.

Selecting the Materials:

Once you have chosen the stone, gather the necessary materials for your necklace. Consider the following:

  • Necklaces chain: Choose a chain that complements the style and size of your stone. Consider the material (such as sterling silver, gold-filled, or stainless steel) and the chain design (such as cable, rope, or ball).
  • Jump rings: These small metal rings are used to attach the stone pendant to the necklaces chain.
  • Clasp: Decide on the type of clasp you want for your necklaces, such as a lobster clasp, spring ring clasp, or magnetic clasp. Ensure the clasp complements the chain and is secure enough to hold the necklaces in place.
  • Tools: Gather jewelry-making tools such as wire cutters, pliers (round-nose, chain-nose), and a jewelry file to help with assembling the necklaces.

necklace with a stone

Designing the Necklace:

Consider the overall design and style of your necklaces. Think about the arrangement and placement of the stone on the chain. You can opt for a simple, minimalist design or incorporate additional beads, charms, or metal accents to enhance the overall aesthetic.

  • Sketch a design: To visualize your chain necklace, sketch a simple diagram showing the stone placement, bead patterns, and any other elements you plan to include.
  • Choose complementary beads or accents: If desired, select beads or accents that match the stone or the necklace chain. Consider their colors, shapes, and sizes to create a cohesive and balanced design.
  • Measure the stone pendant: Measure the stone pendant and the desired length of the necklace to ensure proper sizing and proportions.

Assembling the Necklace:

Follow these steps to assemble your stone necklaces:

  • Attach the pendant to the chain: Use jump rings to connect the stone pendant to the necklace chain. Ensure the pendant is centered and secure. Use pliers to close the jump rings tightly.
  • Add beads or accents (optional): If you want to incorporate additional beads or accents, string them onto the necklace chain before attaching the pendant. Play with different arrangements and patterns to achieve your desired look.
  • Attach the clasp: Attach the clasp to the ends of the necklaces chain using jump rings. Ensure the clasp is securely fastened, and test the necklaces to make sure it is the desired length before closing the jump rings.

How to match clothes with a necklace with a stone

A stone necklace can be a stunning and eye-catching accessory that adds a touch of elegance and natural beauty to any outfit. Whether you have a necklace with a single pendant stone or a necklace featuring multiple stones, knowing how to properly style it with your clothing can enhance your overall look.

necklace with a stone

Casual Outfits:

When styling a stone necklace with casual outfits, consider the following tips:

  • V-neck tops: Pair a stone necklaces with a v-neck top to create a flattering and elongating effect. The necklace pendant can rest gently in the v-neckline, drawing attention to the chest area and creating a focal point.
  • Casual dresses: For a bohemian or relaxed look, layer a stone necklace with a casual dress. Choose a necklace length that complements the neckline of the dress. A longer stone necklace can add a touch of drama to a simple maxi dress, while a shorter necklace can provide a delicate accent to a sundress.
  • Denim and t-shirt combinations: Add a touch of sophistication to your everyday denim and t-shirt combination by layering a stone necklace. Opt for a longer necklace with a single pendant or a shorter necklace with multiple stones to create contrast and visual interest.

Formal Outfits:

When styling a stone necklace with formal outfits, consider the following tips:

  • Little black dress: Elevate the classic little black dress by pairing it with a statement stone necklace. Choose a necklace with a larger pendant or multiple stones to create a bold and glamorous look. Let the necklace be the focal point by keeping other accessories minimal.
  • Elegant gowns: Enhance the elegance of an evening gown by selecting a stone necklaces that complements the color and style of the dress. Consider a necklaces with a single pendant or a choker-style necklace for a sleek and sophisticated appearance.
  • Formal blouses: When wearing a formal blouse, such as a silk or satin top, choose a stone necklace that complements the fabric and neckline. Opt for a necklaces with a delicate and dainty pendant or multiple stones for an elegant and refined look.

necklace with a stone

Professional Outfits:

When styling a stone necklaces with professional outfits, consider the following tips:

  • Button-up shirts: Add a touch of femininity and sophistication to a button-up shirt by layering a stone necklaces underneath the collar. Choose a necklaces with a single pendant or multiple stones that complement the color of the shirt.
  • Blazers and suits: Pair a stone necklace with a blazer or suit to add a touch of personality and style. Opt for a necklaces with a single pendant or a shorter necklace with multiple stones for a polished and professional look.


Crafting a stone necklaces allows you to showcase your creativity while expressing your personal style. By selecting the right stone, gathering the necessary materials, designing the necklace, and assembling the final piece, you can create a unique and meaningful jewelry accessory. Enjoy the process of making a stone necklaces, and wear it proudly as a statement of your creativity and craftsmanship. With this step-by-step guide, you can embark on a beautiful journey into the world of jewelry making and create a stunning stone necklace to cherish for years to come.